Sti only boosting 8psi

Later Derek my car wasnt boosting past around 8 psi for almost a year i tried everything finally one day i went out and checked the 1/8 coupler in the line going from the turbo to the bcs and it was clogged so i was running on the waistgate boost. The only change in the hydra between runs was a simple change in the boost target map. The TD05H-16G is a bolt-on upgrade for the WRX/STI TD05 16G bolt on turbo WRX 02-06 ej20 ej25 (Fits: WRX) XS TURBO IMPREZA WRX STI 02 - 04-07 EJ20 EJ25 GDA GDB Utilizing a Mitsubishi TD06 16G compressor wheel in a TD06 compressor housing capable of supporting 380 HP. But anyway, if your engine isn't in that great condition, you might need to reinforce pistons, rods, because an old engine might not be able to take the extra power. I really like how they drive,other than how much they weigh,I'm thinking about getting myself one now,so that is where all the questions are coming from on the S/C'er. 5 pass. Subarus run lots of timing, not lots of boost. The symptoms: Can only reach 7-8PSI in any gear, normally gets around 12-13, very obvious reduced acceleration (so I ruled out a boost guage problem). 5 psi wastegate spring in and the car will ONLY boost around 5-7 psi. Not many 4x4 cars are economic like this with only 7. Thanks for posting this up. And yes, almost any SC is gonna make less power than a twin turbo set up.

On a modern engine like in an EVO or STI, my GTX3576R turbo could support close to 600HP. If you can make X amount of power only at 10,000 RPMs Untill you can keep it at or near 10,000 RPM's for the entire quarter mile, it doesn't mean much. The Volkswagen Club of South Africa The my personal car went from rated at 180bhp and 170tq at 11psi to 172whp and 185wtq with only 8psi. I need to figure out how much oil psi actually needs to get to the turbo and if the stock oil sandwhich plate will actually work. A few weeks ago, the PSI would boost to normal PSI and then after a few minutes would drop to 7PSI under load My question is, which one will spool faster? I am only looking to currently make no more that 8psi. [Archive] Page 142 For general discussion about topics relating to the MKIV. Also debating an WRX/STI top mount intercooler Unpopular Opinion: The Subaru BRZ / Scion FR-S Doesn't essentially that Subaru leaves a lot on the table without an STI version of the BRZ. ET's, Exa's & N12's Only ↳ For Sale - Parts ↳ Wanted to Buy ↳ Trader Rating (Private The new turbo made 366rwhp and was done at ~22psi. I have dissasebled the wastegate made sure the valve wasnt sticking. But I'd imagine the only time it's ever going to even come up is during drivetrain-related warranty claims though. If a Get the best deal for Turbo Chargers & Parts for 1993 Subaru Impreza from the largest online selection at eBay.

An equivalent turbo-back exhaust system could be used. The N54 is a low pressure 8. That's great! The 8th gen guys actually tested and recorded that from the top of the fuel pump assembly exit all the way to the feed of the fuel rail measured a 6-8psi pressure drop due to the stock fuel line being the restriction. . New Track time list section! STI turbo setup. I did some searching and zdyne is the only company I found that makes a Stand alone for an OBD0 engine. 5 PSI 08-10 = 12. For example, stock WRX STi turbos make about 15 psi from the factory. But if I had the chance, I would toss it out and put in a 2. 0 TS with low compression piston and hang on a very angry snail on m saab 9 5 diesel engine stilo multijet 150 multiwagon was it ever made new (to me) 300d blow altwater pump belt on maiden voyage 6 months 6k miles and way too many smiles 1. 4 turbo), EVO and Cobalt are all faster than the Si.

All the FAQs, Facts and Figures are only a click away. The vehicle has been well tained and passed all our inspections and test and ready for sale. 5 PSI 06-07 = 11. You need quite a few grand to Boost a lude and tune it properly. 0T boosts but poor performance, fuel economy. I'm going to start with 60hp maybe up to 75 but i dont think so. I actually bought this SRT-8 charger for my 17 yr old daughter,hoping she would get too many speeding tickets with it and I could take it away from her,well after a year she finally got one,I couldn't take it from her now though. once thats done ill be boosting 15lbs daily. its on my to get list. 565s are too big! Fuel quality is a separate issue. " Run the car, be sure to get boost under 3500 rpm, check ECU 3.

N12 Turbo Forums. The ewg will make a huge dump noise and sound hella loud because the exhaust is being diverted before the turbo. got some new hosery,replaced from waste actuator to the T section. 5 Liter, 4-cylinder engine, they both come equipped with a turbo charger, which gives them over 200 horsepower. This is my first time messing with a turbo set up so it will be a learning process. 5psi for the last two gears. 4-13. The J-Body Organization, j-body. I was here a while back with problems, turned out a bunch of mechanical crap was going wrong (leaks, etc. ill up date you with some numbers when we get it done. I just installed an evo 3 16g on my '93, it's running wategate pressure right now until I can afford to buy well, if i dump the clutch around 5k+ rpms on the sti it spins the tires for about 3-5 seconds and chirps a bit on the 1-2 shift.

stock they are just as fast or a bit faster then an sti or evo unless highway runs. got an oil leak 2nd week i had it and got that taken care of. I am also wondering if anyone has done an sti head light conversion on one of these? on Jan 14 2008, 05:10 PM within the General Discussions category. Using only 8psi of boost, Turbonetics kit is capable of boosting the stock 426 crank horsepower to an astonishing 614hp and 578 ft lbs or torque. Capable of Boosting Horse Power up to 300 BHP. pdf 2013 STI MODS: Invidia catless DP, Invidia dual N1, Cobb Accessport V3 Stage 2 OTS map This vehicle is a one owner with full Ford Service history from brand new and has only traveled a very low 58k kms. 9 injector problem q5 colour conundrum sell me a marea finally my new e90 I know they only took $25 for one member that got it without the BOV. know you said the variable worked better for you, im a newbie at this what is the difference between the variable and the staged kit? and why did the variable work better for you? and also i can only boost 5psi more safer with the meth? so if im tunned for 15psi on my map it would only be So I'm turboing my 2. 100% brand new bottom mount turbo t2 flange capable of boosting to 350hp max horse power high quality material, cast housing with durable steel 5-28 psi output at peak performance internal wastegate setting: 8 oil and The car may be turbo'd but it's not turned up and definitely not making the power it needs to beat the Hellcat. With a turbo I will be in Vac most of the time and only have boost when i need it. Priced to sell at only $13990 With this vehicle we offer our, FIXED PRICE SERVICING - it has gone you dont need one of these, because you will only be running the 8psi spring.

So far all I have is a 07 wrx ic, I'm currently bidding on a td04, and I'll be picking up a full eBay exhaust down pipe back along with a wrx uppipe and legacy ss headers. See what José Arroyo Salgado (josarroyosalgado) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas. i need some advice from you guys. The Mystichrome appearance package included a unique color-shifting exterior paint that was meant to be an improvement to the Mystic paint offered for the 1996 Mustang Cobra. 2l but I'm kind of confused. The only major addition to the 2004 model was the optional Mystichrome paint scheme and Competition Orange. com. VACUUM SOURCE SIGNAL LINE ROUTING WASTEGATE INLET ENGINE INTERCOOLER EXHAUST EXHAUST Push on the. built the shit out of it. Read through it and think you forgot a few minor-ish details. It is suitable for a variety of stages such as Circuit and Drag racing or anywhere higher RPM is needed.

You are currently viewing our boards as a guest which gives you limited access to view most discussions and access our other features. Page 154 of 221 - General Thread v12 - END OF THE WORLD - posted in Anything Goes: Hey everyone, back from Xmas shopping. The only thing we battled with is a falling boost curve. If the turbo-back exhaust system relieves back-pressure to an excessive point boost creep is possible. 0 I have an 11. 63 57 Trim 400+Hp Stage Iii Turbo Charger+Oil Feed+Drain Line Kit - $215. they are only boosting between 6-8psi @ wot they used to run 12-13psi spike @14-15 and slowly its been boosting less and less, they both have shaft play too, the rear is worse Hello Guys, so i been trying to figure this out for a while, first day i got my boost controller for my rx7 fd with non sequential twin turbos, i set everything and i got it to work at 10. Obviously my old L6 can't flow enough air. We have supras in our shop all the time, i have a na and my boss has a tt, he says Welcome to Mazdaspeed Forums . I had [QUOTE=atvfreek;1544676]No, mine held just under 14 on spring pressure only. Try cleaning it with some electronics Turbo Keychain Nitro Engine Diesel Performance Wrx Sti Subaru turbo applications.

4psi spring in the wastegate. This is a discussion on 8psi of Boost?- Mountune AP within the Fiesta ST Performance forums, part of the Fiesta ST Garage category; Hello all, first time poster, Just recently I installed the Mountune MT215 kit, along with a few other mods to my Fiesta ST 2014. Re: S/C NSX That Much Faster Than Stock? Anything above 4 to mid carries all the fun. I have little time to search the web for answers, and when I do, I mostly get ads that tell me nothing. Updated: 07/25/17 Motor is staying stock (for now) BP Single Turbo kit - COMP 800HP twin-scroll, TBB, etc. 5L BiTurbo engine benefits from reduced intake air temperatures (IAT) boosting power output. 8 seconds with 8 psi of boost and no other mods. nasioc. He ended up ordering a new trunk lid for a WRX and installed that instead. First and second gear is usually 7-8psi,third gear 10psi and 13. RX Supercharger project This is a copy of the MRT Forums post - Non-turbo models - RX Supercharger project.

What I learned is that the old turbine wheel has a 71mm Inducer/62mm Exducer @ 76 trim. The Z I think is 11:1 ratio. Am i wrong? What level of boost is considered safe using the stock KA24DE 270cc injectors? HP GOAL = 225 rwhp (if possible) I'm looking to go KA-T w/ low boost until I can afford a fuel delivery computer (i. ABOUT TURBOSMART. Low pressure turbos from saab C. Get the sensors you need for your Subaru today! IHI Series Specs IGOTASTi is an online forum and community for all Subaru WRX STi enthusiasts. Well the shitty turbo sales haven't helped to get me off my ass to take my kit off and post it. 6 litres per 100km. 2JRacing has taken on a new project, respecv1's ultimate street/track car build. 6 has offset rods but has been boosted low pressure the most famous being the mighty car mods Gramps build. Oh, well.

It is going to be a long road ahead, but I'm excited none the less. Falcon family has a XR6 turbo or the F6 typhoon. What are your driving impressions of the mk2 MR2? I found the MR2's reputation is unfounded as the only times you will spin it are 1) lift off suddenly mid-corner (like when you sense the For now that makes up most of my list. Skylines never had any racing heritage, the only thing racing was the high end models not the basic non turbo skylines. I also made some 11. 2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart vs Subaru STI If you'r only making 220whp with your Z, somethings wrong. most of the time in town 12psi or so is probably average. 3. they only kept producing them because of its racing heritage BS. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for K0422-582 FOR 07-10 MAZDA CX7 2. some come with one.

i then thought, centrifugal supercharger but just glanced at my dyno graph with my old s-trim setup and it made 10lbs tq more than hp and is pretty much a flat tq line varying ~20#'s in either direction so it doesn't look like a centrifugal either. 8psi. my mechanic took a look at at it tonite and it turned out that the wastegate actuator was too tight. That is a 89hp difference. Ok, I drive a DSM ( 93 Talon TSi AWD ) im not here to start n e kind fo trouble, jsut trying to help a friend. eg How much boost a stock wrx runs, when boost kicks in etc. com This is a discussion on 2013 STI datalog within the Tuning: Electronic Engine Management forums, part of the Tech & Modifying & General Repairs category; datalog S#. 2004 STi Twin Scroll 6262 Compliments of Layvon @ www. Forget this ridiculously priced old junk, get an Aquamist. With the stock setup, you can get a good 400-430 rear wheel hp([email protected]) if you have a standard, and bypass the sequential gates and air valves so that you get both turbos boosting all the time, rather than one for low end then get both after 4500rpm. It is what it is I agree it is unsafe to boost without ANY fuel mods, I am boosting fine on stock injectors and Walboro 255lph fuel pump however.

8psi in a larger space, you're moving more air in the larger space even though the boost number is the same, because your square inches are increased. Turbo k04-02x been having a nasty flutter for a little while even after swapping the turbo to a new one. I was boosting ~15psi, with a catback exhaust, so I'd guess the torque was closer to 205-210. I also predict that there will be some very unhappy flashed 355i owners paying for their new fuel pumps out of pocket in the next few weeks. the first gen scouters only exploded when reading over 22,000 i start making 1psi at 3200rpm and have full 8psi by 3800rpm and i have so listen, a buddy of mine is building his 02 wrx, just swapped in the jdm sti motor. now i wonder if i should be looking at starting with 4psi and going to 7 max. Unparalleled Fitment Through Proper Engineering Alpha's engineering team set out to make this new heat exchanger upgrade not only more effective, but simple to install. e. Even though both of them only have a 2. the feeling is The STI doesn't even have unique body panels, the only difference is the wheels and the wing. just thought u may want to check that So if i turbo a GTS, what else will need to done? #308754 I just went for a ride in my friends brothers brand new STI, and it was sexy.

As far as changing boost, the HYDRA is very simple to do. redline, +/ 0. In fact it's only ramped up to full boost (50psi!) by most the way down the track and he's already doing over 180mph! we did not do the dimple as we did not want to sacrifice the size of the pipes and left it up to the end user! this is the only extra step needed for install. I Know there are a lot of people against NOS but its only going to be for a month its not going to be that often anybody else on nos??? I got a B18A1 (OBD0) T3/t04 turbo, Walbro 255lph fuel pump,and looking into larger injectors. 8 PSI They are not 100 percent accurate/ but should be somewhere around that number the only way i could think your WRX was running 7PSI as if it was a early year like one of the first ones made! or something was wrong. Ever wondered if the aftermarket Blow Off Valves “BOV” really work or what can they do for your car? Well we did some testing with our 2014 Subaru STI using Turbosmart’s Subaru Dual Port BOV. if you were to let them look under the hood they will have no clue what it is they are looking at anyway and anyone who does have a clue wouldn't bother to ask such a retarded question, better yet tell them it's a replica of the batmobile engine then drive away. After shrinking enough for use in mobile applications, turbo-superchargers saw use in high altitude aircraft, where they compressed air in the engine to you have to tap into your intake manifold and install the pressure line there. I enjoy my top-end power, because not only does it kill v8's, but it keeps my gas mileage in check because I'm not boosting as soon as I hit the gas. I would only consider turbocharging a low miles or rebuilt 2. closed deck block new crank-89 rs sti forged pistons new rings new big end and mains-all genuine subaru modifyed oil galliers stock rods all genuine gaskets used v3 heads reco'd vf23 turbo divorce down pipe 3" exhaust-no cat new genuine orange FastWRX.

How well your car holds up depends on how hard you drive it. Now I know you could give a shit less until it's printed on paper, but I don't doubt that I could easily run a 13. If safety boost ? next step 6. i love them yes, but you cant afford these. The airflow isn't there to need all that extra fuel. i was wondering the same thing as just about any turbo car turning less than 8,000rpm makes substantially more tq than hp. when I was at 380ish on 6psi, i tho it was freakin fun until I crank up the boost to 8psi and made a bit over 450. 7:1 compression and open deck block. I also hear great things about a Apexi' SAFC The car I replaced it with was a 86,000km old Nissan 180sx turbo, which has a full service history, motor is in prestine condition (full compression, logs, no oil leaks, etc), the gearbox (my main concern) is in perfect condition, the entire car was given a top rating by NRMA inspection, and given a perfect rating by my own private mecahnic This thread is for Starlet owners to post information and pictures of their car. Those cars have a low compression 8. Good info.

Last visit was: Fri May 10, 2019 12:17 pm: It is currently Fri May 10, 2019 12:17 pm ( Jug_Woo ) Hey guys, I have just bought myself a 2001 WRX. -hard to find info on this car if any one can help!? specs-fully rebuilt. The WRX (reg and STi), SRT-4 (its a 2. First clean the temp sensor, as it's the simplest one to have access to, check ECU 4. My goals are 6-8psi street and 12-14psi track. Earlier this year, Chris drove up from Orlando and in a couple hours we knocked out a few suspension upgrades, which included: BC Coilovers, full 10K springs Corner weighted and balanced Bump Steer Kit Alignment Full LCA and rear beam bushing install Or sign in with one of these services. For most vehicles, the downpipe section is essentially incorporated with the catalytic converter section, and since there's very little performance or fuel economy benefit 06 LGT the quiet one UPDATE post #22 As some of you know earlier this summer I purchased a 5EAT LGT. Boost problem, only 7 psi at max boost! 2013 Subaru STI ok so back from the zone. With rods, pistons, sleeves valves and springs Perrin got 600 around 20psi if I recall. But great post from all of you. Colder plugs, O2 relocation specifics, vacuum routing (I find this is some of the least documented among all write ups), wastegate settings (I know certain years have different psi ratings, but it would be useful to emphasize the importance of ensuring that it works properly, and if not to get a new actuator assembly Turbonetics has just released a bolt on turbo kit for the Chevrolet Camaro SS.

35 psig) of boost and have been doing so for almost 3,000 miles with no problems. we do not make special orders on full 3". Expecting a bit of an adventure here but the more I know going in the better. Subaru Impreza WRX STI Type UK: PH Fleet added a manual boost controller as it was only boosting to 8psi so now its at a verified 12psi which is the best for the turbo/engine apparently The difference for me to understand is, If i drive from Raleigh NC to Orlando Fla with a super charger at 75mph i am going to be putting in around 8psi of boost while i am driving. also as for turbos check your local craigslist and stuff. That is roughly a gain Well, it depends on what condition the engine is in. 9. boosting mine for it will only make that noise if you let off the gas after you have been boosting. The Next Level of Boost Control. 6 and with cobb stage 2 (downpipe and acessport tuner) boosts engine hp to 350 allowing it to run a 12. 3 DISI AR.

8psi turbo shouldnt run as hot as your 15 psi legacygt let alone a 20 psi sti. and boosting with a healthy sssh on acceleration from 2200 RPM I would say top end it would beat the STi and besides the slightest mods and it is a crazy car Only unique people appreciate the Rotary and what it has to offer I had a turbo 1st Gen and the engine was 7 yrs old pushing well over 200WHP on 8psi daily driver it beat 3rd Gens, V8s and other assorted vehicles Ever wondered if the aftermarket Blow Off Valves “BOV” really work or what can they do for your car? Well we did some testing with our 2014 Subaru STI using Turbosmart’s Subaru Dual Port BOV. I am going to go hook up my If you want the Tial waste gate to open up at the whatever so that you never get a vacuum signal in the wastegate line. 5 PSI 02-05 = 13. Silicone are preferable to rubber hoses and anywhere that hose has to be used instead of hard pipe then silicone hosing is the only option. Tuning & Turbo 2TR Build. Hi Rev Tunerz, Ricers Tuesday, December 17, 2002. " It's a bugeye WRX sedan with an STi trunk. After I have a new motor and forged internals I will got for more, but for now this is what I need. these do not come in full 3" anyone as shown. High rpm intakes generally breath deeper than others, so you get more volume.

Common sense would tell someone that boosting over 8PSI on a 10:1 compression ratio on the GSR engine is stupid, unless the car is for race only. Subaru tried to with the WRX/WRX STi. 7-8psi is the general safe boost level for stock engine No the dynographs don't prove reliability. 7 Also, even though widebands are considered to more accurate than the factory 02 sensor, it still can be off a bit. Thing is, its production is limited to just 200 units—all of which will be available exclusively in the US market. Subaru tuned for max boost in fourth or fifth gear. i'd be happy with just 6-7hp/psi. ), and recently after all fixes, went and retuned- On the graph, red is before (with leaks and no exhaust) green is after the dyno tuning today thanks to velocity factor. It increases the burning efficiency boosting the Combustion, Power and Torque. If it gets too hot it feels significantly weaker when the boost kicks in. Ok, we just installed a boost gauge on my friend WRX, and he's only runing 8psi threw all gears,and his idle I filled with Chev 94 last week in Pitt Meadows and noticed that my STI pulled its own timing-- had this happen before, and immediately knew it was the shit-tastic gas.

It's been done many times before and the formula is not hard. It is a non-smoker car so it smells good. now its been since then i've been trying to make her 8psi of Boost? - Mountune AP. Introducing the wireless portable turbo speaker. The 3. 48 K04 TURBINE TURBO CHARGER 300HPS at the best online prices at eBay! shit im real happy. they only come tapered mid pipes now as shown in the first picture. Brings the 0-60 down to about 6. Build a croosover pipe, mount the turbo , the exhaust and tune. Generally a vacuum leak will get a CEL/DTC (P0457). It seems like the usual suspects (Snow, AEM, CoolingMist, DevilsOwn, etc) are trying to get better atomization by using higher pressure pumps but I think that will only get ya so far.

I'm not sure about a few things. Racing & Performance - Garrett Motion. you can only put it on the intake manifold WRX and WRX STI being extremely popular examples). 0 SOHC V6 since nobody seems to be interested in the engine. Featuring a lithium-ion rechargeable battery good for 8 or more hours of performance, a built-in bass port for powerful low-frequency playback and wireless Bluetooth® connection. There's other things needed like sleeving and such that add up quick, and aren't cheap. I'll have to transfer my injectors over as well. Don’t use silicone sealant, only use permatex or some other non-hardening compound and use strong jubilee clips or better still use motorsport seals. Hi, all sifus in lowyat. thats bitchin i saw a rev hard kit put on one of the first turbo rsx-s's so thats probally it but will you just be able to get one or are they just putting it on there to tease us for a while until they actually have them 1110000 Twisted Motion T25-t28 Hybrid (58% similar) Will make more power than stock t25, also comes with adjustable wastegate. 5 PSI 00-02 = 14.

Blowby from the PCV system can gum up the BCS. We started with a few 3rd gear pulls just to so it wouldn't work so hard till we knew what was going on with the tune. During development, we worked hand in hand with tuners across the country to develop this device and ensure that it solves legitimate problems that they have with other existing boost controllers. Exactly, the H series might not be the best block in the world to boost, but it can be done, Tuning is key, though, never go cheap, with good tuning, you can get shitloads of HP out of your engine, with crap tuning you can blow it with an extra 10hp, I would do it (and am kinda planning to, money permitted) if thats the original engine in your car then it will be a closed deck block which are What's a Downpipe? Technically, the "downpipe" section of an exhaust system connects the headers or exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter(s). I'm almost positive they all do that. At 28 psi i had made some 12. Defi gauges (i know they are good, and they match my reverse glow ricer gauges lol. Run the car, be sure to get boost under 3500 rpm check ECU 5. Just trying to work out, since subaru parts dont open today, should a V6 sti have a orifice/restrictor in the line between the turbo outlet and the wastegate/boost control solonoid T peice, like on the wrx's Not positive, but from what I saw on some forums, overboost can occur from going WOT (some say 75%+ throttle) under approximately 3200rpm. I was just pointing out that the majority of the time that the turbo is boosting, 1. org, is the worlds largest automotive enthusiast group exclusively geared towards the General Motors GM J-car platform including the Chevrolet Cavalier, Pontiac Sunfire, Pontiac Sunbird, Pontiac J 2000, Oldsmobile Firenza, Buick SkyHawk and Cadillac Cimarron.

7 passes and only saw a 2hp drop on the dyno. People generally only push the stock turbo to the the low 20's psi range max. it isn't nitrous so i'm i thought the general theory was 10hp per 1psi at best, but it looks like people are making more than that. Reduce boost, Retard timing, pour some octane booster 7. i have had some problems but not all turbo related. well theres your problem. pdf datalog I. I won't be running full boost because I don't think it'll be able to take it without a proper tune so I'm gonna run it at around 13 or 14 psi once I get a boost controller ( for now I'm running wastegate so around 8psi) Yes, the Subaru Impreza WRX, and the Subaru Impreza WRX STi can both be considered sports cars. Sales@SpeedForSale. Don't worry about big injectors and electronics because this is still just mild boosting. TOYOTA UNIVERSAL 8PSI Twin-charged Bonneville is running and driving! I am running 8psi at the blower with a custom 8-rib drive set-up.

Forum Wars - Mitsubishi EVO X vs Subaru Impreza WRX STI is the only series with the guts to engage two competitors from two rival forums in a full throttle, tire smoking track smackdown. SAFC, eManage, etc. A newly developed ignition tuning system exclusively for Nissan SR20 engine cars. And at that point, they're already pushing the turbo beyond its efficiency range, because boost drops way off to the 16 psi range at redline. only. 0 or a 2. okay guys need a hand figuring out a problem, wastegate issue here. An average turbocharger, with 6-8psi boost can provide up to 40% increase in power. I have connected it DIRECTLY to my intercooler bung for the positive vacuum it needs to open and im still boosting 20+ psi . According to IAP the Walboro they sell w/ their kit is supposed to raise fuel pressure by 6-8 psi. ) The car is a 1995 WRX, stock except for CAI, axle back exhaust, few other unrelated mods.

So i leaved it at 11. my tranny is holding me back which im taking care of real soon. On top of that it also looks great with the yellow-green color and black alloy wheels. Browse your favorite brands affordable prices free shipping on many items. By joining ou SpeedForSale Motorsports 2009+ Nissan GT-R R35, Toyota Supra Turbo, Viper, and Corvette service, tuning, and parts for sale. Sign in with Facebook. I havent taken m sti to the track but i usually read 13. Issue wastegate NOT opening under boost. 5:1 ratio made for boosting. 5 - You want proof, I don't have proof yet, so I use my own logic and experience Tial Wastegate Vacuum Line Hook Up. com I recently decided to build up an engine for my 2004 STi.

With its compact size and boosting power, this turbo speaker lets you take great bass any place. Its the same with the SRT-4. boosting at 10lbs on a garret t3/t4 . Not to mention that boosting isn't cheap on an H22, you can't simply run 8psi on stock internals. the problem is the 14b internal wastegate is set at 8psi which is way too high and forking out for an external is something id My car won’t boost past 8 psi it gets to 8psi then stays there steady no boost leaks or vacuum leaks I also took my actuator arm off and moved the wastegate and it moved freely but it acts like the wastegate is getting stuck open hi guys I have just fitted an autogauge Boost Gauge fitting was easy , as was the wiring, on the way home from fitting it i saw that if i accelerate from low in third gear until high revs the boost sits at 8PSI , does anyone know if this is right or if i have a boost leak? Service series Part 16 Restrictor pill Subaru WRX STi t vacuum line cleaning SVTWRC SVTWRC. It's not good for the car if this is done repeatedly, but as long as you are cautious not to floor it with the RPMs that low, you should be fine. Not pushed to the limits, but closer to the limits. i got my garret for 60 bucks its only got about 10k miles on it and is in perfect shape. 25bar is max. You might want to look into the WRX STI world. The main reason they're such a good choice for the 350 is actually due to their use of "prescious horsepower.

Welcome to the most refined manual boost controller available on the market today. I was tuning a Forester Sti with a EJ207 engine and a dom3 on vp109. Sign in with Twitter I'm stuck with my 3. and i forgot what turbo hes running buut its fucking huge. oh and my ls has ported head crowers springs, xs intake, stock bottom end with arp rod bolts. Wayne pulled 320ish at 8psi stock block (larger injectors). With high compression your are already generating alot of heat and adding an additional 20psi is going to blow the VQ37 to kingdomcome. And talking to Anthony every couple of days sure doesn't help keep the thoughts of "what could be" out of my head. 3psi, later that day i fucked up something on the controller because it only has 1 button so i think i reseted everything and it was only boosting at 7 . com has WRX/STI automotive sensors of all types, including air flow, temperature and oxygen sensors. Just remember, the downpipe that comes with the kit only works with the emusa turbo, you would have to get the flange cut off, rotated, and re-welded if you went with say a turbonetics or garrett turbo.

Rules: 1) No comments unless you are posting a picture/information on your car. i am sorry. The Subaru WRX STI S209, the most powerful Subie ever created, has finally been unleashed at the 2019 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Boost controller off. Power band always applies, unless you have an infinatly variable transmission, that is also efficient. When ordering from the US, parcels may be subject to import tax and duty charges, which the buyer is responsible to pay. So stepping into the RS was a step down in torque and horsepower. yay for 98-99 = 13. Using one a BOV for a car with little boost such as yours is actually kinda bad for the engine, (im not sure about the bov though, dont know why youve had to replace it so many times) but ill see if i can find the nazicock forum about bov vs bpv This is a very reliable, low maintenance and economic SUV on the market. After 30 years of turbo engine design youd thing that the longevity difference between turbos and non turbos would be much smaller that it used to be. i havent done anythign to protect it really, i have the haltech and our engines hold plenty boost and im only boosting 9lbs right now.

5-6. The only good thing going for me, is the car goes into storage in about 6 months. My second comment as you can see was directed at boosted, not you. Not to mention time and effort and research to maintain it after boosting. Discussion Lots to be said about cheap turbos but if you are boosting at 5-8psi, you should be ok. In the WRX forum every single post says "make the wing optional!!!" :rofl: A friend of my son's had an STi while in HS and could not order one without the spoiler. Priced to sell at only $13990 With this vehicle we offer our, FIXED PRICE SERVICING - it has gone This vehicle is a one owner with full Ford Service history from brand new and has only traveled a very low 58k kms. Suits: Nissan SR20 S15 and X-trail engines T04E T3/T4 A/R. Search the history of over 357 billion web pages on the Internet. The way i always understood boost is that it's pounds per square inch, and so 8psi in a smaller space vs. Well now I have some new news on what I have done.

Some obstacles are the small rods, 10. Turbo 97 civic dx coupe. Adding more boost did not raise HP. now i have to reschedule another tune for next weekend. SC's make "low" boost, usually somewhere in the neighborhood of 5-8psi depending on application. Didnt get EVERYONE done, but now just have two and a half people to buy for. The car is a stock STI, and it seems to love Shell 91 over the Chevron 94 2013 STI Hatch FMIC Atmospheric BOV Cold Air Intake 3 Inch Downpipe Custom Exhaust Cobb AP v3 I noticed yesterday that my boost was only was under boosting. MRT Performance is Australia's best Subaru, Mazda and Mitsubishi performance car parts and tuning specialists and Sydney's top performance tuning & service workshop. im getting a knock lite soon. [quote=Qcanfixit;18157949] so just say yeah it's a v6 or no it's a v12 and drive away. a SSQ bov is useless for your car.

I'm now boosting at wastegate 10psi instead of the usual 17. some people have no idea what their stuff is worth so take advantage as for psi on the BOV, some are adjustable. I don't even know why I watch the thing, because it literally angers me to the point where I am hostile to those around me for several hours. [/quote] Funniest phrases/questions you've heard about your Subie part 369 I'm boosting to about 75 kilopascals. Currently my ride is a stock standard satria GTi year 99 with MMC ECU. You can't run 20psi on a stock block 370z like you can on the Sti or Evo. temporary boosting system, used only when needed to pass at lower speeds. So as long as the kit has injectors, a good form of engine management and, coolong, you should be fine. 8L, 7-8psi is Exactly as the title states. you want one alright, got my system yesterday, and i will install this afternoon. But im not satisfied with the current power i Why should you care? The better the atomization, the more heat the W\M can remove from your engine.

So given that, it wasn't long before I decided the RS needed something more. No safety boost ? problem fixed. Through a larger design, added fluid capacity and significantly increased flow, your 5. Double check your boost hose routing if its over boosting. In the forum you will find an informative tech area, a place for Member’s journals, Vendors with special Members pricing, and monthly contests. You will only see max boost on a stock wrx in 4th and 5th gear. The Saab was rated at 195 ft-lb of torque, at ~8psi. net. This was a 4th gear gear pull on wastegate only. . Torque is a BAD thing for him, and because of this he deliberately launches at just 8psi of boost, as at full boost it'd make so much torque it'd just smoke the tyres.

The focus was to do the car so it is quiet as well as cost effective. 4psi and we gain 80WHP and 80ft-lbs of torque, this is starting to look good! Here is the boost curve of theGT4088R on the H6. After nearly 20 years of waiting, Subaru is finally bringing over one of its top-of-the-line S-Line STI models. Mileage is a big number to look at. 21. Info on the car: It’s a Stage 2 STI, only mods are turbo back exhaust, Turbosmart FPR-800, and a Cobb Tuning Accessport Protuned by Snail Performance. Yeah, I agree the T piece is the easiest way to go. Skyline family does have a high end sports car called the R34 Gtr. An engine is only as reliable as the tune on it. So I watched the Speedvision show "Hi Rev Tunerz" on Sunday night. 95 Cobra 5.

currently I'm sticking to half a bar (7. The SI has a good aftermarket support system but its FWD and so you will always have trouble taking cars off the line. If you boost a 4 and think you're onto something, try boosting the 8 and see how it does. and that is the bov. They said that the standard 12V battery and alternator combo is enough to power this for that short amount of time. checked the diafragm for cracks. I thought long and hard as to how I would like to mod this car. Only thing I transferred over from my v4 Sti was the downpipe and the turbo. So, onto my parts list. If I had to get another tuner car it would probably be a Integra Type-R or a 240SX with SR20DET swap. lets see, on sunday raced a hatchback civi with a gsr swap, headers, exhaust, cams, and intake, 1st race i beat him by a car length, 2nd race, he beat me by the same, it was basically a drivers race, i thought he would of smoked me, but were even, so i gave him a :mrgreen:, but not long ago there was a vw gti that just came from the shop from getting some upgrades, and i had a bus in a half on Not that I know of, but I haven't really looked.

I've felt the same thing in my '15 but usually only after a long drive. Im gonna try to tune it as best as possible with the stock efi for 7-8psi with healthy afr's and then have the meth for when i wanna squeeze out some extra ponies. You'd also need new spark plugs and wires. The only thing I didn't like about the T piece kits is the fact that the bov is allowed to bounce around and hang. Also the overboost you describe is perfectly normal. Nissan Skyline family is like Ford Falcon family. Join them; it only takes a minute: Audi A4 2007 2. Racing Performance Engine Engine boosting systems ⚫Fuel eficiency Performance benefits to racers. like, i can stick my head in it huge lol. 57trim. 8L .

No issues that I've seen on the bnr's. The only thing that How do you fix a turbo engine that is over boosting? Install a boost controller, either manual or automatic, and turn down the boost. Without the pill you will only make wastegate pressure at around 8-10-psi and the wastegate will Great read. Were you driving for long periods during testing or when you first noticed it? That's all I can think of. Couple that with the fact that the Camaro driver definitely wasn't brake-boosting and that's the results you get. This car has been looked after very well and was regularly serviced. Hardware Requirements: Otherwise stock vehicle with a STOCK INTAKE SYSTEM ONLY, tested with a Cobb Tuning turbo-back exhaust system with high-flow catalytic converter. The dynographs proved that the LS makes better use of it power and has more torque. The special edition will actually be built exclusively for the US market, and churn i own a 97 sti v-limited. The only get an insert pipe with a BOV flange already on it. ) That's enough fuel mods to handle 8psi comfortably.

7-12. The stock bpv (bypass valve) is sufficient up to 20 psi. There's nothing new about boosting an engine for more horsepower and torque; turbochargers and superchargers actually date back to the turn of the 20th century. Once the power is delivered at lower speeds, the engine will then enter a higher speed range, where the turbocharger can take over the boosting duties. For any of you with experience boosting the Z my ears are wide to all thoughts & experiences, any advice is much appreciated. were taking it to slowmotion to get tuned in 3 weeks. sti only boosting 8psi

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